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Find everything you wanted to know about cats including information about cats and cat breed profiles, advice on buying a cat and cat care.
about cats

The domestic cat belongs to the family Felidae, one of the oldest mammalian families, that includes wild cats such as lions, tigers, leopards, etc and there are 38 known species of felines in the world today.

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Before buying a cat find out about the responsibilities and costs of owning a cat, where to buy a cat, selecting a healthy cat and bringing a cat home.

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Find information about caring for cats including equipment needed, what to feed, routine care needed, handling cats, and information about illnesses and diseases that can affect cats.

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There are various pet and cat clubs in the UK that hold regular pet and cat shows. Find out about cat shows and showing cats.

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If you are thinking about breeding your pet cats or are dealing with an unplanned pregnant cat, find information about breeding and advice on looking after the mother and babies.

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