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catAlthough a social animal the cat is as happy in its own company as it is in the company of other cats or humans, and does not "crave" company as a dog does.

The cat is a natural hunter and the hunting instinct is very strong even as young kittens. With domestic cats although hunting is not necessary for food the cat will continue to hunt as their instinct is so strong and they seem to enjoy the adventure.

Cats communicate by sound, posture, ears and tail. Purring indicates pleasure and contentment, whilst the miaow seeks attention and hissing and spitting is a sign of defence. A nervous, frightened or aggressive cat will twitch its ears back or flatten them back against its head. A tail held high is a sign of welcome, whilst a gentle waving of the tip of the tail denotes pleasure or excitement but a twitching of the whole tail is a sign of annoyance.

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