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Preparing For The Arrival Of A Cat Or Kitten

cat Once the decision has been to buy a cat it will be necessary to prepare for its arrival and buy the equipment beforehand. At the very least a feed bowl, water bowl, collar, cat food, a cat bed and some suitable cat toys should be purchased before collecting the cat. These items can all be purchased at any pet store.

It will also be necessary to have some form of travel box in which to bring the cat home.

The home environment should also be considered for safety with any changes necessary being made before picking up the cat.

If the intention is to buy a kitten, look around the house from floor level for the following dangers and remedy:

  • Electric cables that a kitten may be able to chew
  • Furniture that the kitten may be able to squeeze underneath and become trapped
  • Objects that the kitten may be able to reach and chew or swallow
  • Gaps in garden fencing, etc that the kitten may be able to escape through

If buying an older cat the above will also need to be considered but obviously a larger cat is less likely to be able to crawl under furniture, squeeze through small gaps, etc.

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