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Dog Play & Exercise

A dog requires regular exercise to remain fit and prevent it from becoming overweight which may lead to health problems.

For the majority of dogs exercise and play is their one aim in life and so they will take as much as you can give. However it is important not to over-exercise puppies, particularly larger breeds, when bones and muscles are still developing.

A dog will also enjoy play, whether with its owner or on its own and so toys play an important part in a dog's life.

There are various dog toys available at pet stores and toys designed for chewing can be invaluable for diverting a puppy's chewing tendencies away from furniture. These toys also help to keep a dog's teeth clean and so are useful throughout life.

Most dogs love balls but be sure to get the right size ball for your dog - too small a ball could be swallowed and get caught in the dog's throat.

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