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Training & Handling Dogs

Although all owners will not wish to train their dog to a high level of obedience, some form of basic training is is beneficial in order to raise a sociable and well behaved dog.

At the very least most owners want their dogs to learn to Sit, Stay, Come and walk nicely on the lead without pulling.

Training is best started as early as possible and local puppy classes are an ideal way to start training the young dog. These give the puppy the chance to socialise with other dogs whilst learning the basic commands. These classes can prove invaluable if dealing with a boisterous or stubborn dog as the trainers of these classes are usually very experienced dog handlers and can give advice aimed at an individual puppy.

Basic obedience classes are also available for older dogs aimed at those introducing an older dog to basic training or acting as a refresher course.

If attending training courses it is important to reinforce and continue training at home also.

Training should always be based on positive reinforcement - rewarding the dog when it has done what has been asked.

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