Gerbil Information

About Gerbils

Information about gerbils in general and gerbil species.

Pet Gerbils

Information about pet (mongolian) gerbils, history of pet gerbils, scientific classification of gerbils, gerbils as pets, gerbil behaviour, gerbil colours, patterns and coat types.

Buying A Gerbil

Information about buying a gerbil, places to buy gerbils, selecting a healthy gerbil and bringing a gerbil home

Gerbil Care

Information about caring for pet gerbils including gerbil equipment and cages, routine gerbil care, feeding gerbils, handling gerbils and gerbil illnesses and diseases.

Showing Gerbils

Information about gerbil shows and showing gerbils.

Breeding Gerbils

Information about breeding gerbils and rearing gerbil babies.

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