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Behaviour Of Mongolian Gerbils

In the Wild

In the wild Mongolian Gerbils live in mixed sex family groups with a hierarchy of dominant and subordinate members in the sandy steppes, deserts and semi-deserts of Mongolia and Northern China. They love to dig and develop an extensive burrow system with many entrances within which to live and will defend their territory from neighbouring groups.

The Mongolian Gerbil is a confident and inquisitive rodent, eager to investigate new sounds and movements.

When angry or warning others in the group of danger the Gerbil stands and thumps its hind feet.

In Captivity

In captivity the Mongolian Gerbil is a sociable pet and will live with others of its own kind. However, an older gerbil will resent the addition of another gerbil or one that has been removed from the group for a period of time and so it is important to introduce them when young.

Its confident and inquisitive nature means that it readily accepts being handled and rarely bites.

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