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Gerbil Care

gerbilAs with any pet a gerbil will need care and attention and a commitment to look after it whilst it is with you including veterinary treatment when ill. Although gerbils are relatively easy to look after, once ill they can deteriorate quickly and proper care will go a long way to ensuring your gerbil remains happy and healthy.

The average lifespan is 3-5 years although they can live longer.

Gerbil Cages And Equipment

Information about gerbil cages and equipment.

Housing Gerbils

Information about housing gerbils.

Preparing The Gerbil Cage

Information about preparing the gerbil cage.

Feeding Gerbils

Information about feeding gerbils.

Routine Gerbil Care

Information about routine gerbil care.

Handling Gerbils

Information about handling gerbils.

Gerbil Health & Illnesses

Information about gerbil illnesses and diseases.

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