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Gerbil Species

There are many species of gerbil but only a few species are kept in captivity as pets, the most common being the Mongolian Gerbil.


Common Name

Scientific Name

Alternative Names

Buxton's Jird

Meriones sacramenti

Negev Gerbil, Negev Jird

Cheng's Jird

Meriones chengi


Indian Desert Jird

Meriones hurrianae

Indian Desert Gerbil

Libyan Jird

Meriones libycus


King Jird

Meriones rex


Midday Gerbil

Meriones meridianus

Chinese Gerbil

Mongolian Gerbil

Meriones unguiculatus

Clawed Jird

Persian Jird

Meriones persicus


Shaw's Jird

Meriones shawi


Sundevall's Jird

Meriones crassus

Silky Jird

Tamarisk Gerbil

Meriones tamariscinus

Tamarisk Jird, Grebenchikova Gerbil

Tristram's Jird

Meriones tristrami

Asia Minor Gerbil

Vinogradov's Gerbil

Meriones vinogradovi


Zarudny's Gerbil

Meriones zarudnyi


Baluchistan Gerbil

Gerbillus nanus


Burton's Gerbil

Gerbillus burtoni


Charming Dipodil

Gerbillus amoenus


Cheesman's Gerbil

Gerbillus cheesmani


Greater Egyptian Gerbil

Gerbillus pyramidum


Lesser Egyptian Gerbil

Gerbillus gerbillus


Pallid Gerbil

Gerbillus perpallidus


Rock Gerbil

Gerbillus campestris


Wagner's Dipodil

Gerbillus dasyurus



Pachyuromys duprasis

Fat-Tailed Gerbil

Bushy-Tailed Jird

Taterillus gracilis


Emin's Gerbil

Taterillus emini


Indian Gerbil

Tatera indica


Guinea Gerbil

Tatera guineae


Kemp's Gerbil

Tatera valida


King Gerbil

Tatera boehmi


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