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Gerbil Mix & Pellets

Most pet shops sell mixes specifically designed for gerbils. These usually consist of grains, seeds, pellets and dried vegetables. There are also rodent or gerbil pellets sold in some stores - these are compressed food pellets and although they are designed to meet a gerbil's nutritional requirements they do not give the gerbil any variety. A gerbil mix or pellets should form the main part of the gerbil's diet but may be supplemented by other foods.

Food mixes specifically designed for other animals should not be given as these may not be suitable to meet your gerbil's dietary requirements and may even harm your gerbil.

Gerbil mix does not perish quickly and so may be stored for some time in dry conditions without problem.

Any changes in diet, even changing to a different gerbil mix, should be made gradually as a sudden change in diet can cause your gerbil to become ill.

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