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Gerbils As Pets

Gerbils make ideal pets for young and old alike and are ideal for those at work or school during the day as they are happily left alone during the day.

The Mongolian Gerbil is a suitable pet for all ages although young children will require supervision and help in caring for a pet gerbil. Other species of Gerbil are more suitable to older children and adults.

Gerbils are sociable and so will prefer the company of another. However, it is important that they are bought at the same time when young to be caged together.

Unlike hamsters, mice and rats who are mostly nocturnal gerbils are active throughout the day and night, sleeping only for two hours or so at a time to rest.

Their agility, liveliness and inquisitiveness, their ease of care and the wide range of colours make them the a popular pet in many countries today.

Apart from the initial expense of the cage and equipment gerbils are cheap to keep and require relatively little care. However, as with any pet, keeping a gerbil requires commitment to caring for it whilst it is with you, including veterinary treatment if it becomes ill.

They take up little room only requiring a cage in which to be kept and so are ideal for those living in apartments for small houses.

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