Buying A Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are a suitable pet for many families but owning a guinea pig is a big responsibility and long term commitment so before buying a guinea pig there are many things that need to be considered carefully.
Buying A Guinea Pig

Keeping a guinea pig as a pet requires a commitment in terms of time and finances and it is also important to select a healthy guinea pig and prepare for its arrival.

To help you decide if you can devote the time, effort and finances that a pet guinea pig needs, help you to select a healthy guinea pig and bring it home safely check out our pages below.

Before buying a pet guinea pig it is important to ensure that you can devote the time and attention it needs so check out our guide to the requirements of a pet guinea pig.

Before buying a pet guinea pig check out our breakdown of the costs involved in owning a guinea pig.

Places To Buy A Guinea Pig

Information on the different places to buy a guinea pig.

Selecting A Guinea Pig

Advice on selecting a healthy guinea pig.

Preparing For A Guinea Pig And Bringing It Home

Advice about preparing for the arrival of a guinea pig.

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