Feeding Guinea Pigs

Each guinea pig will have different tastes and not all guinea pigs like the same things to eat. However, it is important to know what can and cannot be fed to guinea pigs to avoid harming the guinea pig and to help keep the guinea pig healthy.

Guinea pigs must have a constant supply of hay as this is vital to their digestion and forms the bulk of their diet in addition to guinea pig mix. Any hay must be dry, clean and free from dust and mould. Grass hay such as Timothy or Oat hay is best - Alfalfa hay although beneficial for young and nursing or pregnant guinea pigs is too rich in calcium and protein and should be not be used continually but can be given as an occasional treat to adult guinea pigs.

In addition guinea pigs must be fed fresh fruit, vegetables or plants daily as these are a good source of vitamin C. Guinea pigs lack the enzyme that makes vitamin C and so they must intake vitamin C daily in order to remain healthy.

Guinea Pig Mix And Pellets

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Hay And Grass

Information about suitable types of hay and grass to feed guinea pigs.

Fruit And Vegetables

Information about fruit and vegetables that are safe to feed guinea pigs.

Plants And Flowers

Information about plants and flowers that are safe to feed guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Treats

Information about commercial treats can be fed to guinea pigs.

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