Guinea Pig Care

guinea pigAs with any pet, keeping a guinea pig requires a commitment to care for it during its life which could be 4-8 years or longer. The commitment required in caring for a guinea pig includes not only routine feeding, care and time spent with the guinea pig but also the provision of veterinary treatment if the guinea pig becomes ill which can be costly.

Guinea Pig Cages And Equipment

Information about guinea pig cages and equipment.

Housing Guinea Pigs

Information about housing guinea pigs.

Preparing The Guinea Pig Cage Or Hutch

Information about preparing the guinea pig cage or hutch.

Feeding Guinea Pigs

Information about feeding guinea pigs.

Routine Guinea Pig Care

Information about routine guinea pig care.

Handling Guinea Pigs

Information about handling guinea pigs.

Grooming Guinea Pigs

Information about grooming guinea pigs.

Training Guinea Pigs

Information about training guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Illnesses & Diseases

Information about guinea pig illnesses and diseases.

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