Guinea Pig Mix & Pellets

Most pet shops sell mixes specifically designed for guinea pigs and these usually consist of a variety of grains, pellets and dried vegetables and fruit. Mixes containing nuts or sunflower seeds should be avoided as these are high in fat and oils and guinea pigs have also been known to choke on shell fragments.

There are also guinea pig pellets sold in some stores. These are compressed food pellets and although they are designed to meet a guinea pig's nutritional requirements they do not give the guinea pig any variety within the dry diet and so it is important to provide variety in the fruit and vegetables fed to the guinea pig.

A mixture of guinea pig pellets with a good quality guinea pig mix can provide an adequate main diet and offer more variety to the guinea pig.

Food mixes specifically designed for other animals should not be given as these may not be suitable to meet your guinea pig's dietary requirements and could even harm your guinea pig.

Guinea pig mix does not perish quickly and so may be stored for some time in dry conditions without problem.

Guinea pigs should be fed a basic guinea pig mix or pellets and ample hay, which is vital for their digestive system, daily along with fruit, vegetables or wild plants to ensure a daily intake of vitamin C.

Any changes in diet, even changing to a different guinea pig mix, should be made gradually as a sudden change in diet can cause your guinea pig to become ill.

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