Guinea Pigs As Pets

Guinea Pigs are the most popular small rodent kept as a pet in many countries but are timid and sensitive so best suited to teenagers or adults as their main carer.
Guinea Pigs As Pets

Their character, liveliness, inquisitiveness, vocal communication, their relative ease of care and the wide range of colours and coat types make guinea pigs the most popular pet rodent in many countries today.

Guinea Pigs make ideal pets for those at work or school during the day as they are happily left alone during the day when they are least active provided they have the companionship of another guinea pig. However, they are not a suitable pet for small children who may not be able to handle them easily.

Guinea Pigs can be kept indoors or outdoors but require plenty of room and generally require more care than smaller pet rodents and the equipment needed is more costly.

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