Selecting A Guinea Pig

guinea pig Guinea Pigs offered for sale should be separated by sex with males (bucks) in one cage and females (does) in another. If they are not and/or the seller cannot guarantee the sex of any guinea pig there is the risk that any guinea pig purchased is pregnant and so is best avoided.

When selecting a guinea pig, all the guinea pigs in the cage should first be inspected as if one guinea pig appears ill the others may also be at risk of being ill so it is best to look elsewhere. The cages themselves should be clean and not overcrowded and the guinea pigs should have access to food and water. Any droppings in the cage should be firm and not runny.

The guinea pigs should be in a good healthy condition ie bright eyed and alert when awake, with a firm body and clean coat and showing no signs of runny or sticky eyes, runny nose, sneezing, wet or dirty bottom, matted fur or lethargy.

Guinea Pigs offered for sale should not be less than 6 weeks of age.

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