Guinea Pigs

Find everything you wanted to know about guinea pigs including information about guinea pigs as pets, guinea pig varieties, advice on buying a guinea pig and guinea pig care.
about guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs are rodents that belong to the Caviidae family under which there are 8 different species of guinea pigs although only one species is kept as a pet.

pet guinea pig

Find information about guinea pigs as pets, their domestication history, behaviour in the wild and in captivity and the different varieties of pet guinea pigs.

pet guinea pig

Before buying a guinea pig find out about the responsibilities and costs of owning a guinea pig, where to buy a guinea pig, selecting a healthy guinea pig and bringing a guinea pig home.

pet guinea pig

Find information about caring for guinea pigs including equipment needed, what to feed, routine care needed, handling guinea pigs, and information about illnesses and diseases that can affect guinea pigs.

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