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The 'original' colour of the Guinea Pig in the wild is agouti but as Guinea Pigs have been bred over the years a number of colour mutations have occurred. Additional colours can be created by combining different colour mutations. Colours can be combined with any coat pattern or coat type.


The coat is brown ticked through with black hairs. The eyes are black and the ears are grey.


The coat is jet black to the roots. The eyes are black and the ears are dark grey.

Chocolate Agouti

The coat is chocolate brown ticked with darker chocolate hairs. The eyes are dark brown, almost black and the ears are grey-brown.

Lilac Agouti

The coat is brown ticked with lighter ticking. The eyes are red and the ears are flesh coloured.

Silver Agouti

The coat is silver grey with black ticking. The eyes are black and the ears are grey.


The coat is brown with red patches. The eyes are black and the ears are grey.

Colours Derived From Combining Colour Mutations
Additional colours that are derived from combining the colour mutations.

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