Find all you ever wanted to know about hamsters including information about hamster species, the different types of pet hamsters and hamsters as pets, advice on buying a hamster, caring for hamsters, showing hamsters and breeding hamsters.
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Hamsters are mammals that belong to the rodent family and there are many different hamster species from the Roborovski hamster that is 4-5 cm in length to the European Hamster that is 27-32 cm in length.

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Hamsters are the most popular of small rodents kept as a pet with five species of hamsters commonly kept as pets. Find out about the different species of pet hamsters, their characteristics and what makes them suitable as pets.

pet hamster

Before buying a hamster check out the things to consider, the costs of owning a hamster, how to select a healthy hamster and preparing to bring it home.

pet hamster

Information about hamster equipment, routine hamster care, feeding hamsters, handling and hamster illnesses and diseases.

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There are various pet and hamster clubs in the UK that hold regular pet and hamster shows. Find out about showing hamsters, the rules and what the hamster judges look for.

pet hamster

Whether thinking about breeding hamsters or dealing with an unplanned pregnant hamster, find advice on looking after the mother and babies, and things to consider before starting to breed hamsters.

Escaped Hamster

An escaped hamster can often be difficult to find, but don't dispair as it is easy to make a home-made humane hamster trap.

Fruit & Vegetables To Feed Hamsters

Check out which fruits and vegetables are safe to feed to hamsters and which to avoid.

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