Rust Syrian Hamster

Rust Syrian HamsterThe Rust mutation of the Syrian Hamster, previously known as Guinea Gold, occurred in 1961 but it is not known in which country it first occurred. The coat of the Rust hamster is brownish-ginger over the back and sides. The roots of the hairs are grey and these darker roots are often easily visible on the top of the head. The fur on the belly is ivory in colour but slightly grey at the roots and the brownish-ginger colouring of the back extends in a line across the chest. Along the side of each cheek there is a brown "cheekflash" which extends from under the chin up towards the ears and the ivory belly colour extends upwards below the cheekflash. The eyes are a very dark brown but look black and the ears are dark grey. Young Rust hamsters may be pale but as they mature the colour becomes richer.

The Rust can be combined with any coat type, and pattern to produce varieties such as Long Haired Rust, Rust Banded Satin, etc.