Aquarium Hamster Cages

Aquariums can also be used to house either Syrian or Dwarf hamsters.

Aquariums are draught proof and relatively cheap although glass aquariums can be awkward to clean because of their heavy weight. Plastic aquariums however are much easier to clean being lighter but the sides tend to become scratched after a time.

Aquariums make ideal cages for pregnant hamsters, nursing mothers and baby hamsters.

A water bottle can be fixed to the side of an aquarium by using adhesive Velcro pads or some water bottles are designed to be hung and these can be hung from the top of the aquarium. If the aquarium is shallow water bottles can be fixed horizontally from the lid but it should remembered that these will need refilling more regularly as they will not dispense water once half empty.

If using an aquarium as a hamster cage it is always best to ensure a wire lid is fitted to the top of the aquarium as this will ensure nothing is accidentally dropped on the hamster, and will also help in preventing the hamster escaping as otherwise the hamster can often climb on toys or pile up wood shavings in one corner and reach the top of the aquarium. A wire mesh top is preferable to a solid lid with air holes which can cause a build up of condensation.