Blonde Syrian Hamster

Blonde BandedThe Blonde occurred some time after 1965. The coat of the Blonde is creamy-blonde over the back and sides and can range in shade from pale creamy blonde to a mid dull blonde. The roots of the hairs are light grey and these darker roots are often easily visible on the top of the head. The fur on the belly is ivory in colour but slightly pale grey at the roots and the blonde colouring of the back extends in a line across the chest. Along the side of each cheek there is a light grey "cheekflash" which extends from under the chin up towards the ears and the ivory belly colour extends upwards below the cheekflash. The eyes are red and the ears are flesh coloured. Young Blondes may be pale but as they mature the colour becomes richer and and orange tint appears on the muzzle. The clear red eyes become darker with age.

The Blonde can be combined with any coat type, and pattern to produce varieties such as Blonde Satin, etc. The spots are not easily distinguished on Blonde Dominant Spots and so the hamster may appear white.

For the show bench the Blonde should be a rich blonde with a light grey undercolour all over the body.

The Standard Blonde is bred from Light Grey and Cinnamon although a similar blonde can be bred using Silver Grey instead of Light Grey. The Blonde created though tends to be paler and have a slight pink tint to the coat.