Breeding Hamsters

Breeding hamstersBefore breeding hamsters consideration should be given to the pair of hamsters that it is intended to breed together and consider their size, health and temperament as both good and bad qualities present in the parents will be passed onto the babies. It is also important to correctly identify the colours of the pair it is intended to breed together as some colours of hamster produce undesirable babies (eg eyeless hamsters) when bred together.

It is important to make plans for homing the babies before making the decision to start breeding hamsters - many pet shops have regular suppliers and won't take hamsters from other breeders.

Sexing Hamsters

Information on how to determine the sex of a hamster.

Interbreeding Hamster Species

Information on breeding different species of hamsters together.

Breeding Syrian Hamsters

Information on breeding Syrian hamsters.

Breeding Russian Hamsters

Information on breeding Russian hamsters.

Breeding Roborovski Hamsters

Information on breeding Roborovski hamsters.

Breeding Chinese Hamsters

Information on breeding Chinese hamsters.

Hamster Genetics

Information about genetic inheritance and hamster genetics.