Breeding Dwarf Roborovski Hamsters

Breeding Roborovski Hamsters is much simpler than breeding Syrian Hamsters as they will live together in mixed sex pairs or groups and breed naturally. Pairs or groups are best established at a young age as introducing older hamsters can often result in fighting.

Breeding Roborovski Hamsters should not be undertaken lightly as being kept together they can produce a succession of litters as little as 4-5 weeks apart. Although they may occasionally have a break in between litters and may not mate so often, if at all, over the winter keeping a mixed sex pair or group often means a succession of babies produced.

If kept together in mixed sex pairs or groups Roborovski Hamsters usually start to breed in the Spring following the year in which the female was born.

Females often become sterile at around 24 months of age but males usually remain fertile for most of their life.