Chinese Hamsters

Chinese Hamsters The Chinese Hamster is one of the least common hamster species kept as a pet but Chinese hamsters are occasionally seen in pet shops and make a delightful pet.

About The Chinese Hamster

Information about the Chinese Hamster including its origins, a desciption of the Chinese hamster and its lifespan.

History Of Chinese Hamsters

The domestication history of Chinese hamsters.

Scientific Classification Of Chinese Hamsters

The scientific classification of Chinese hamsters within the Mammalia class.

Anatomy Of Chinese Hamsters

Biological facts about pet Chinese hamsters.

Behaviour Of Chinese Hamsters

Chinese hamster behaviour and communication.

Chinese Hamsters As Pets

Information on Chinese hamsters as a pet and the type of owner a Chinese hamster would suit.

Chinese Hamster Colours

Information about the colours of the Chinese hamster.

Chinese Hamster Coat Patterns

Information about the coat patterns of the Chinese hamster.