The Cost Of Keeping A Hamster

Before buying a hamster check out this guide to the cost of owning a hamster.

The costs given below are for keeping one syrian hamster or two dwarf hamsters.


When buying a hamster it will be necessary to purchase equipment such as hamster cage, water bottle, food dish, exercise equipment and toys. A good sized hamster cage will cost £30-£100 depending on the size of the cage and it is best to buy the largest cage that can be afforded as his is where the hamster will spend most of its time. The additional equipment can cost £10-£20.


The hamster will need a grain or pellet diet and vegetables and this can cost approximately £2-£4 per month.

Woodshavings And Bedding

Woodshavings and bedding will be needed to cover the floor of the hamster cage and provide the hamster with a nest in which to sleep, and this can cost £2-£4 per month depending on the size of cage.


Although the main regular costs of keeping a hamster are listed above there are always unexpected costs that can occur, equipment that needs to be replaced or veterinary treatment that is needed. Therefore in addition it is best to factor in an additional cost of £50-£80 per annum for extras when working out whether keeping a hamster can be afforded.


The table below gives a summary of the costs involved in keeping one syrian hamster or two dwarf hamsters.


One-Off Costs

Annual Costs







Extras / Veterinary Treatment