Dark Grey Syrian Hamster

Dark Grey Syrian HamsterThe Dark Grey mutation in the Syrian Hamster occurred in 1964 in the USA. The coat of the Dark Grey Syrian Hamster is mid-grey over the back and sides and can range a little in colour with some being paler than others. The roots of the hairs are dark grey and these dark roots are often easily visible on the top of the head. The fur on the belly is ivory in colour but slightly grey at the roots and the grey colouring of the back extends in a line across the chest. Along the side of each cheek there is a black "cheekflash" which extends from under the chin up towards the ears and the ivory belly colour extends upwards below the cheekflash. The eyes are black and the ears are dark grey.

Some Dark Grey hamsters have a tendency to develop a brown tinge as they age. They also have a tendency for spinal deformities which often show in the form of a curved tail. Any Dark Grey hamster showing such a problem should not be bred from as it will be inherited.

The Dark Grey can be combined with any coat type, and pattern to produce varieties such as Long Haired Dark Grey, Dark Grey Banded, Dark Grey Dominant Spot Satin, etc.

The Dark Grey gene can be prone to spinal deformities which show in the form of a kinked or curled tail. Any Dark Grey showing this deformity should not be bred from as it is inherited.