Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamster Coat Patterns

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Dilute Platinum

This is not simply a pattern as the dilute Platinum is produced by combining a colour with a diluting gene and the Platinum pattern gene. The coat is pure white but may have a few coloured hairs around the head. When a colour with black eyes is used the eyes are black and the ears are flesh but may have some dark spots. When red eyed colours are used the eyes are red and the ears flesh so the hamster has the appearance of an Albino.

Black Eyed White Campbells Russian Hamster


The Mottled is a coloured hamster with white patches or spots or is white with coloured patches or spots. The white patterning can be vary immensely between hamsters with some having a white band over the back of the neck, some having a few distinct white spots, some being white with a few coloured spots, some only having a white spot on the stomach - there is no "typical" pattern.

Mottled Campbells Russian Hamster


The Platinum is a coloured hamster with the coat ticked through with white hairs which gives a diluted appearance. The amount of white ticking varies with some Platinums having only a few white hairs in the coat whilst others may be so heavily ticked they are almost white.

Platinum Campbells Russian Hamster

Ruby Eyed Mottled

The Ruby Eyed Mottled is similar to the Mottled but the eyes have a ruby glow. On black eyed hamsters (eg Normal Mottled, Opal Mottled) this ruby glow can be seen if the hamster is placed near a light source. On red eyed hamsters (such as Argente) the eyes are a bright red. The pattern usually consists of a white collar around the back of the neck and some spotting on the back. (Ruby Eyed Mottleds carrying Albino tend to be white with only a small amount of colouring on the head and in the centre of the back.) Mating two Ruby Eyed Mottled hamsters together can result in White babies which do not normally survive long as they are born without teeth.

Platinum Campbells Russian Hamster