Behaviour Of The Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters

Normal Winter White Russian HamsterIn the Wild

In the wild Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters live in colonies and resent intruders into the colony and will attack any other hamsters that wander into the colony territory.

They live in burrows within the grassy steppes and sleep during the day, waking only for short periods. They are nocturnal and awake at dusk, being active at night. Their sight is poor but their sense of smell and hearing are very acute and they rely heavily on these senses to recognise each other and their environment.

In Captivity

In captivity the Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster is a sociable pet and will live with another of its own kind if they are introduced when young. However, an older hamster will resent the addition of another hamster and a fierce fight is likely to occur.