Flesh Eared White Syrian Hamster

Flesh Eared WhiteThe Flesh Eared White was first created some time after 1958 after the occurrence of the Cinnamon mutation. The Flesh Eared White has the appearance of an Albino but is not genetically Albino as it is made up from a combination of the Dark Eared White and Cinnamon mutations. It is therefore sometimes referred to as a "synthetic Albino". The coat is pure white in colour on the back, sides and belly and the eyes are bright red and the ears flesh coloured.

The Flesh Eared White can be combined with any coat type to produce Long Haired Flesh Eared White, Satin Flesh Eared White, etc. Satin Flesh Eared Whites tend to look slightly "yellow". It is possible to have Flesh Eared White with a white pattern, eg Flesh Eared White Banded, but obviously the pattern will not be noticed.