Hamster Cages

Buying a cage is the biggest expense in keeping a hamster but it is important to provide the largest cage possible for the hamster as this is where it will spend the majority of its time and too small a cage can lead to behavioural problems.

There are a variety of hamster cages available from pet shops or online pet stores.

Different species of hamsters are best suited to different types of cages and so it is important to ensure that any cage purchased is suitable for the species of hamster that it is intended to house.

Traditional Plastic And Wire Hamster Cages

Information about traditional style hamster cages with a plastic base and wire top.

Enclosed Plastic Hamster Cages

Information about enclosed plastic hamster cages.


Informaton about aquariums as hamster cages.

Metal Hamster Cages

Information about metal hamster cages.

Home-Made Hamster Cages

Information about home made hamster cages.