Hamster Cages & Equipment

There are various items of equipment that will be needed for a hamster. It is best to buy the essential items of equipment such as cage, floor covering, nesting material, water bottle, food dish and food before getting a hamster, so that these are ready for the hamster's arrival.

There are also other optional items that can be provided that will help to entertain the hamster and keep it happy.

Hamster Cages

Information about hamster cages.

Floor Covering

Information about suitable hutch or cage floor covering for hamsters.

Nesting Material

Information about suitable nesting material for hamsters.

Water Bottle

Information about water bottles for hamsters.

Food Dish

Information about food dishes for hamsters.

Other Cage Accessories

Information about other accessories for the hamster cage.

Other Equipment

Information about other equipment for a pet hamster.