Considerations Prior To Buying A Hamster

Buying a hamster requires a commitment in terms of finances, time and care to ensure that it remains happy and healthy for the duration of its life.

Owning a hamster requires a commitment to provide proper care for it during its life and this can be for 2-3 years or longer.

Whilst hamters are relatively easy to care for and children may be capable of caring for a hamster on their own for the most part, it is important if buying a hamster for a child that an adult member of the family is also prepared to share the responsibilities as should the hamster become ill it may require veterinary treatment and this can be costly and the hamster may also require additional care and time eg cleaning wounds, administering medicines, regular vet visits, etc which a child may need help with.

A hamster will require:

  • Feeding - daily
  • Refreshing water bottle - daily
  • Interaction and companionship - daily
  • Cleaning of its cage - at least once a week

Consideration also needs to be given to where the hamster's cage will be placed in the house as it needs to be placed in a fairly peaceful location, away from direct sunlight and any draughts.

In addition during family holidays, provision will need to be made for someone to look after the hamster. If there are no friends or family that can look after the hamster during these times then it may be necessary to pay to board the hamster elsewhere or pay a pet sitter to pop over each day to look after the hamster.