Constipation usually occurs due to a lack of water, stomach blockage or eating too much dry pelleted food.

The symptoms of constipation are a lack of droppings, or a reduced amount of droppings, in the cage. Any droppings that are present may be small and hard. The hamster may also be seen to be having difficulty in passing faeces or may walk 'hunched up' as if in pain. Other symptoms may include loss of appetite and some wetness around the anus.

If the hamster has constipation ensure water is available and feed some fruit and vegetable. Feeding a drop of vegetable oil may also help to relieve the constipation. If the hamster is not making recovery by the following day it is best to take the hamster to a vet who can give some medication to relieve the constipation.

Once treated by the vet the hamster should recovery within a few days.