Hamster Species

There are many species of hamsters but only 5 species (the Syrian, Dwarf Campbells Russian, Dwarf Winter White Russian, Chinese and Roborovski) are widely kept in captivity as pets. Find out more about each hamster species below.
Hamster Species

Common Name

Scientific Name

Alternative Names

Syrian Hamster
syrian hamster

Mesocricetus auratus

Golden Hamster
Fancy Hamster
Teddybear Hamster
Standard Hamster

Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamster
dwarf campbells russian hamster

Phodopus campbelli

Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster
dwarf winter white russian hamster

Phodopus sungorus

Siberian Hamster
Djungarian Hamster

Roborovski Hamster
roborovski hamster

Phodopus roborovskii

Chinese Hamster
chinese hamster

Cricetulus griseus

Other species include:

Common Name

Scientific Name

Alternative Names

European Hamster
european hamster

Cricetus cricetus

Common Hamster
Black Bellied Hamster

Rumanian Hamster

Mesocricetus newtoni

Romanian Hamster

Turkish Hamster

Mesocricetus brandti

Brandts' Hamster

Ciscaucasian Hamster

Mesocricetus raddei

Georgian Hamster

Ladak Hamster

Cricetulus alticola

Chinese Striped Hamster

Cricetulus barabensis

Mongolian Hamster

Cricetulus curtatus

Eversmann's Hamster

Cricetulus eversmanni

Tibetan Hamster

Lesser Longtailed Hamster

Cricetulus longicaudatus

Armenian Hamster

Cricetulus migratorius

Migratory Grey Hamster

Greater Longtailed Hamster

Cricetulus triton

Korean Hamster

Cricetulus obscurus

Cricetulus pseudogriseus

Mouse-Like Hamster

Calomyscus bailwardi

Calomyscus baluchi

Calomyscus mystax

Calomyscus urartensis

Calomyscus baluchi, Calomyscus mystax and Calomyscus urartensis are sub-species of the Mouselike Hamster (Calomyscus bailwardi).

There are also other rodents that are sometimes referred to as 'hamsters' although they are not true hamsters, such as the South African Hamster (Mystromys albicaudatus) which is also known as the White Tailed Mouse and the Maned Rat which used to be referred to as the Maned Hamster or the Crested Hamster.