Lilac Fawn Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamster

Picture of Lilac Fawn Dwarf Campbells Russian HamsterThe Lilac Fawn has a light dull ginger coat with a blue tint and blue-grey roots. There is a thin soft blueish-grey stripe running along the spine. The belly is ivory in colour and meets the top colour along the sides where three arches are formed and these side arches may have a richer creamy-orange tint. The eyes are black and the ears are dark grey.

Depending on the quality of Opal and Black Eyed Argente used to produce the Lilac Fawn it can vary in shade with some being so pale they are almost cream with a blue tint in colour.

Lilac Fawn can be combined with any pattern or coat type to produce Lilac Fawn Mottled, Lilac Fawn Satin, etc.