Mouse-Like Hamster

The Mouse-Like Hamster is named such as it has a long tail like a mouse and is one of the few hamsters that does not have cheek pouches. Read more about the Mouse-Like Hamster below.
Mouse-Like Hamster

The Mouse-like Hamster inhabits stony mountainous areas of Iran, Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan although it is rarely seen in the wild today.

The Mouse-like hamster has a body length of approximately 7-8 cm and is grey in colour when young, maturing to a sandy colour with white belly and feet. It has a tail of 8-10cm which is finely covered in fur with more fur at the end so that it resembles a paintbrush.

Mouse-like Hamsters are one of the few hamsters that do not have cheek pouches. Their diet consists mainly of seeds.

The Mouse-like Hamster usually breeds between March and June and only has one or two litters of an average of 3-4 young each year.

Mouse-like Hamsters were used in Russian Laboratories but it is not known if this is still the case. They have been imported into the UK by Zoos.