Normal Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamster

Normal Campbells Russian HamsterThe normal colouring of the Dwarf Campbells Russian hamster is a mid-brownish-grey over the top of the body. The roots are dark grey and there is a thin dark grey stripe running along the spine. The belly is ivory in colour with dark roots and this extends up the sides where three arches are formed between the brown-grey top colour and the ivory belly colour. There is a distinct cream tint along the arches. However, some hamsters are pale and these tend to have little or no cream tint along the sides. The eyes are black and the ears are dark grey.

The normal colouring can be combined with any pattern and coat type to produce Normal Satin, Normal Platinum, etc.

For showing the hamster should have a good top colour with distinct cream along the side arches and a dark dorsal stripe running all the way down to the tail.