Other Hamster Equipment

There are other things that can be provided for the hamster for times when it is out of the cage.

Hamster Ball

The most common "toy" that is available is a Hamster Ball that the hamster is placed inside so that it can run around the house. Many hamsters seem to enjoy them but not all do and any hamster in a ball should still be supervised to avoid accidents. Any ball should be secure when closed and large enough for the hamster to move around comfortably. Time in a hamster ball should be limited to short periods and if the hamster seems at all unhappy it should be removed immediately.

There are also variations of the hamster ball such as hamster cars incorporating a hamster ball or wheel.

Hamster Play Pens

If allowing the hamster to run around outside of its cage it is important to confine the hamster to a specific area as hamsters can be very quick and a loose hamster can quickly dash off and become difficult to catch and may hide or get into danger.

Hamster play pens are pens that can be placed on the floor confining the hamster to a specific area.