Ruby Eyed Mottled Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamster

Picture of Ruby Eyed Mottled RussianThe Ruby Eyed Mottled is similar to the Mottled but the eyes have a ruby glow. On black eyed hamsters (eg Normal Ruby Eyed Mottled, Opal Ruby Eyed Mottled) this ruby glow can be seen if the hamster is placed near a light source. Often it is not difficult to detect the ruby glow in the eyes unless the hamster is held near to a light. On red eyed hamsters (such as Argente Ruby Eyed Mottled) the eyes are a bright clear red. As with the Mottled, the pattern can vary and amount of white can vary. Mating two Ruby Eyed Mottled hamsters together can result in Black Eyed White babies which do not normally survive long as they are born without teeth and so mating two Ruby Eyed Mottleds together should be avoided.

Ruby Eyed Mottled can be combined with any colour or coat type.