Red Eyed Cream Syrian Hamster

Red Eyed CreamThe Red Eyed Cream was created sometime after 1958 when both the Black Eyed Cream and Cinnamon mutations from which is created had occurred. The Red Eyed Cream is a soft pinkish-cream to the roots in colour on the back, sides and belly with a white stripe under the chin. The Red Eyed Cream can vary in colour from a pale ivory cream to a rich apricot-cream. Often the Red Eyed Cream may also have a white spot or patch on the chest or belly. The eyes are red and the ears are flesh coloured. Young Red Eyed Creams are often pale and the eyes bright red but as the hamster matures the colour becomes richer and the eyes become darker.

Red Eyed CreamThe Red Eyed Cream can be combined with any coat type and pattern to produce Long Haired Red Eyed Creams, Red Eyed Cream Banded, etc. The cream hairs on Red Eyed Cream Dominant Spots or Red Eyed Cream Roans are often very pale, sometimes so pale that the hamster actually looks white.

For the show bench the Red Eyed Cream should be neither too pale, nor too dark or bright but should be a nice even shade of apricot cream.