Red Eyed Ivory Syrian Hamster

Red Eyed IvoryThe Red Eyed Ivory first appeared sometime after 1965 and the coat is Ivory to the roots on the back, sides and belly. There are three types of Red Eyed Ivory - using Light Grey, Dark Grey or Silver Grey. The Light Grey Ivory is a pale creamy ivory in colour, whilst the Dark Grey Ivory is pale pearl ivory, and the Silver Grey Ivory either ivory with a pinkish tint or white in colour if the hamster has two Silver Grey genes (this latter has the appearance of an Albino). The eyes are red and the ears are flesh coloured.

Red Eyed Ivory can be combined with any coat type or pattern to produce Long Haired Red Eyed Ivory Banded, Red Eyed Ivory Satin, etc. However, patterned Ivories such as Red Eyed Ivory Roans or Red Eyed Ivory Dominant Spots may look white because the Ivory hairs are pale and not always easily noticed.

Due to the Dark Grey gene present Dark Grey Ivories can be prone to spinal deformities which show in the form of a kinked or curled tail. Any Ivory showing this deformity should not be bred from as it is inherited.