Sable Syrian Hamster

SableThe Sable occurred in some time after 1975. The coat of the Sable is charcoal grey or very dark brown over the back, sides and belly can range in shade. The roots of the hairs are cream and there are cream rings around the eyes. The Sable has a white chin stripe and may also have a patch of white on the belly and/or chest. The eyes are black and the ears are dark grey. Young Sables are almost black but as the Sable matures the coat begins to lighten and brown or become greyer. Some Sables may brown or lighten to charcoal grey early in life, whilst others may remain very dark until later.

The Sable can be combined with any coat type, and pattern to produce varieties such as Long Haired Sable, Sable Banded, etc. Sable Dominant Spots tend not to have definite Sable spots but have spots with only a sprinkling of Sable hairs.

For showing the Sable should be as dark as possible with no signs of browning.

Syrian Hamster Behaviour