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Syrian Hamster The Syrian hamster is the most common of the hamster species kept as a pet and is sometimes referred to as the 'Golden Hamster' due to its original wild golden colouring although today there are many different colour and coat mutations of the Syrian hamster. The Syrian hamster is also sometimes referred to as the Standard or Fancy hamster and Long Haired Syrian hamsters are sometimes referred to as 'Teddy Bear hamsters'. In addition the Hairless Syrian hamster is sometimes referred to as the 'Alien hamster' and the Black Syrian hamster is also referred to as the 'Black Bear' or 'European Black Bear' hamster.

About The Syrian Hamster

Information about the Syrian Hamster including its origins, description of the Syrian Hamster and its lifespan.

History Of Syrian Hamsters

The domestication history of Syrian hamsters.

Scientific Classification Of Syrian Hamsters

The scientific classification of Syrian hamsters within the Mammalia class.

Anatomy Of Syrian Hamsters

Biological facts about pet Syrian hamsters.

Behaviour Of Syrian Hamsters

Syrian hamster behaviour and communication.

Syrian Hamsters As Pets

Information on why Syrian hamsters are a popular pet and the type of owner a Syrian hamster would suit.

Syrian Hamster Colours

Information about the colours of the Syrian hamster.

Syrian Hamster Coat Patterns

Information about the coat patterns of the Syrian hamster.

Syrian Hamster Coat Types

Information about the coat types of the Syrian hamster.

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