Syrian Hamster Coat Types

There are five different coat types in the Syrian Hamster. The normal Short Haired coat, the Long Haired, the Rex, the Satin and the Hairless (available in the USA).

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This gene causes the hamster to have no fur although it may have curly whiskers.

Hairless Syrian Hamster

Long Haired

Female long haired hamsters have a longer coat than the normal short hair and may have tufts around their bottom. However it is the male long haired hamsters that have the true long coat. They may have long tufts around their hips, a long skirt around their lower body, or a thick long coat all over. The long haired Syrian Hamster is sometimes referred to as the Teddybear Hamster.

Short Haired Syrian Hamster


This gene causes the coat to become wavy and the hairs to be lifted and a Short Haired Rex is plush in appearance with a velvet feel to the coat. The Long Haired Rex (particularly the males) can have a slightly scruffy look. Rex hamsters also have curly whiskers with a 'crimped' appearance.

Long Haired Rex Syrian Hamster


The Satin gene gives the coat a shiny appearance. This is sometimes very difficult to see on a White, Sable or Black hamster. Satins should not be bred together as this produces 'double satinised' hamsters who have an ultra shiny but thin coat.

Satin Syrian Hamster

Short Haired

This is the normal coat of the wild Syrian Hamster and the coat is short and dense all over the body.

Golden Syrian Hamster

All of the above coats can be combined with any colour or pattern and Short or Long haired coats can be combined with Satin or Rex to produce eg Long Haired Satin Rex.