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Syrian HamsterThe 'original' colour of the Syrian Hamster in the wild is golden brown with an ivory belly, dark cheek flashes and ivory crescents.

Occasionally a mutation occurs resulting in a new colour. In the wild these mutations may not survive but in captivity such hamsters are kept and bred from in order to maintain the mutation. As a result in captivity a number of additional colours to the original wild brownish-grey have been established.

Some colour mutations are referred to as Agouti colour mutations whilst others are referred to as Self colour mutations. Agouti means that the hamster has the original wild markings, that is the coat is a darker colour at the roots (undercolour) than on the top, the belly is off-white and the hamster has darker cheekflashes which extend from the bottom of the jaw up towards the ear with off-white crescents behind. Self coloured hamsters are the same colour all over (top and belly) with no cheekflashes - these usually have a white chin stripe and may also have a white spot or patch on the chest or belly.

In addition to the agouti and self colour mutations that occurred over the years a variety of additional colours can be created by combining the different colour mutations together.

Agouti Colour Mutations

Descriptions and photos of agouti colour mutations of the Syrian hamster.

Self Colour Mutations

Descriptions and photos of self colour mutations of the Syrian hamster.

Colours Derived From Combining Mutations

Descriptions and photos of colours created by combining colour mutations of the Syrian hamster.

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