Syrian Hamster Patterns

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The Banded hamster has a band of white over the middle of the back. This band may sometimes be incomplete, crooked or contain spots of colour. The belly of a Banded hamster is white.

Golden Syrian Hamster

Dominant Spot

The Dominant Spot Hamster is a white hamster with coloured spots although sometimes there are so many spots of colour or the spots are so large that not much white shows. The Dominant Spot usually has a white blaze from the nose extending up the centre of the face. The belly of a Dominant Spot hamster is white.

Dominant Spot Syrian Hamster


The Piebald Hamster has long believed to be extinct as they have not been seen for several years. Similar in appearance to the Dominant Spot it is white with patches or spots of colour over the back but these spots or patches also occur one the stomach unlike the Dominant Spot that has a white belly.


The Roan Hamster is a white hamster with coloured hairs ticked through the coat. Sometimes this ticking can be so intense that not much white is present, whilst on other hamsters there may only be coloured hairs evident on the head. The same gene can also produce a 'white bellied' hamster where the hamster has a pure white belly eg White Bellied Golden. Both the Roan and White Bellied hamsters are produced by the Anophthalmic gene and two hamsters containing this gene should not be bred together as this can produce eyeless white babies.

Roan Syrian Hamster

All of the above patterns when combined with a colour which has grey ears ie Golden, Dark Grey, etc can result in an animal with mottled ears. Patterns can be combined with any colour and coat type as well as with other patterns eg a Long Haired Golden Banded Dominant Spot hamster can be produced.