Syrian Hamster Self Colour Mutations

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The Black has a jet black coat (although some have a brown or blueish tint to them), black eyes and ears. It has a white stripe under the chin and white around the feet. In some countries breeders misleading refer to the Black Syrian Hamster as the "European Black Bear" Hamster.

Black Syrian Hamster

Black Eyed Cream

The Black Eyed Cream is a self coloured hamster with a sandy cream coat, black eyes and dark grey ears..

Black Eyed Cream Syrian Hamster

Dark Eared White

The Dark Eared White is a partial albino and has a pure white coat, red eyes and dark grey ears.

Dark Eared White Syrian Hamster


The Umbrous gene places a grey 'wash' over any colour it is combined with, eg combined with Black Eyed Cream it produces the Sable and combined with Golden it produces the Umbrous Golden or Sooty Golden where the Golden is greyer and ivory areas are changed to grey.

Umbrous Syrian Hamster