Turkish Hamster

The Turkish Hamster is a solitary, nocturnal animal that inhabits Turkey, Northern Transcucasia, Lebanon and Israel. Read more about the Turkish Hamster below.

The Turkish Hamster (Mesocricetus brandti) inhabits Turkey, Northern Transcucasia, Lebanon and Israel.

Turkish Hamsters are solitary animals and are nocturnal. Their lifespan is approximately 2 years.

The Turkish Hamster can hibernate for a continuous period of up to 10 months but usually 5 to 6 months. One or two days activity usually occur every 2 to 7 days whilst hibernating, although they can sometimes hibernate for up to 30 days without waking.

The female Turkish Hamster is sexually mature at 7-8 weeks and has two breeding seasons: Spring and Autumn when the daylight hours are between 15 and 17 hours. Males are not sexually mature until 5 to 6 months of age. The gestation period is 14-15 days and litters vary from 1 to 13 youngsters with an average of 6. The young are weaned at 3 weeks of age.

The Turkish Hamster has been used for research in laboratories but is not known to be kept as a pet.